Loftsails Wingnut

Loftsails Wingnut

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For beginners and committed wing devotees, the Wingnut is an easy and versatile wing package to cover all conditions. The outline of the Wingnut gives it a moderate aspect ratio. Parallel tips help limit the wingspan in the bigger sizes resulting in better clearance over the surface of the water. Light and stable, the Wingnut generates smooth power during takeoff even in strong and gusty winds but will flag-out and drift neutrally when surfing waves. A stiff leading edge supports a tight and clean canopy, and the inclusion of two generously sized windows aids visibility during flight or transitions. Stitches on the leading edge and strut are isolated to provide additional protection for the bladder and reduce wear and tear when pumping. Mini battens on the trailing edge provide further reinforcement and eliminate canopy fluttering.

The wing features multiple ergonomic handles on the leading edge and the strut so that each user can find their own “sweet spot”. Handles are EVA-covered for better grip and comfort. The Wingnut is easy to setup with its large air valves for quick inflation and deflation.

When not in use, the Wingnut can be neatly packed into the bag and stored until your next adventure.

  • 2 PVC windows for safety
  • Safety leash
  • Large air valves for quicker inflation/deflation
  • Mini Battens
  • Small packing size
  • Pump is not included

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